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Create your own reality and share it with others with this fantastic AR application

Leo is the #1 augmented reality app, allowing people to experience advanced AR. The app becomes a portal allowing anyone to augment their world around them. People can customize their surroundings and interact with the new world they create. Friends and families will enjoy creating and building in Leo AR.


  • Choose from hundreds of objects to create an augmented reality video.
  • Record and share the mixed reality world publicly or with friends.
  • ‘Mirror’ other scenes to enhance your surroundings.
  • Discover and watch beautiful and entertaining augmented reality videos.
  • Build your own profile and browse other creators too.
  • View the most popular content uploaded by other users.
  • Bookmark trending public content to your profile.
  • Make the best content public for a chance to be featured on Leo AR.
  • Get notifications when others like or comment on your video.

Your Mind, Your World

Leo Augmented Reality App has hundreds of 3D objects. In addition, Leo has special effects like money falling, balloons flying or a rain of roses. People can customize the real world any way they want. How about putting a shark in your pool? Or a dinosaur in your living room? There are no limits to what you can create.

Discover Other Worlds By Geo-Leo

Do you wonder what it’s like if your dreams became real? You can share your augment reality world using your location, and let everyone else in on what you imagine. Discover and be inspired by other creations featured in Leo AR.

Realistic Objects

Leo features hundreds of 3D objects produced by advanced technology. People can use animated 3D objects, create videos, share, and view other videos by creators.

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